Misión Café

Custom design and production of different pieces of furniture from Mission Café.

Stands: bleachers-style module designed for customers to sit at different heights. Black lacquered metal modules were also designed with different shapes so they could be used as dining or side tables. The central step consists of lids that open and reveal storage space.
Material: laminated birch wood and black lacquered metal.

Benches: benches anchored to the wall for table area. Material: laminated birch wood.


Display cases: cornerback storage and utility piece consisting of three parts: The first is a wardrobe/display case with folding glass doors to store books and magazines. The central part consists of an open metal sheet with a faucet and kettle bases. The lower module consists of drawers and cabinets for storage.Material: solid Beech wood, glass and oven lacquered metal.

Tasting table: High dining table in solid Beech wood, with an oven lacquered metal structure. This piece of furniture is used for coffee tastings and courses that are developed in the Café, so it has a height greater than a standard dining table, to be able to circulate around it testing the different options.

Pastry case: display case composed of two parts. The top glass, to harbor the daily-made pastries. The second in solid maple wood, for storage.

Pastry shelves: metal shelves custom designed for pastry chefs. Designed with the pastry chef’s comfort in mind

Tailor-made orders

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