Laminated Birch wood stools with brass spikes at the joints. They work individually as well as with each other, thus allowing for different shapes and uses (shelves, separators, low table, bench, etc.)

Materials: Laminated Birch wood and brass.

Minimum order: 6 units.

Production upon request.
The shipment will be made within 20 days of production.

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The project

The intent of this project is to create multifunctional furniture that allows the user to save on living space, which in turn provide a warm and natural aesthetics, through sustainable design.
Based on a basic geometric shape repeated on all sides, this object results in a product that can be assembled in various ways.
Pieces like different sized bookshelves, coffee table, bench, nightstands, or stools can be adapted to your living space as required.
Produced with sustainability in mind, the materials are all locally sourced. All basic nine modules are created with only two panels, thus discarding as little material as possible.


Additional information

Weight 11700 g
Dimensions 430 × 430 × 400 mm