Coasters ( x4 )


Terrazzo everyday objects and tableware made with an ecological acrylic and mineral based resin, free of toxins and environmentally sustainable. All the pieces are combinable with each other and have been protected with a matt varnish for all kinds of uses. Not dishwasher safe.

100 mm Ø
Height: 7 mm

Materials: Acrylic resin, acrylic pigments y natural stone and marble.

Production upon request.
The shipment will be made within 20 days of production.

BlackBlackBlackBlack dotsBlack dotsBlack dotsBlack White Red DotsBlack White Red DotsBlack White Red DotsBrasscopperBrasscopperBrasscopperBrickBrickBrickBrown Green DotsBrown Green DotsBrown Green DotsClayClayClayDark NavyDark NavyDark NavyGoldGoldGoldGreen DotsGreen DotsGreen DotsGreen White Grey DotsGreen White Grey DotsGreen White Grey DotsGreyGreyGreyGrey DotsGrey DotsGrey DotsPinkPinkPinkPink MixPink MixPink MixRed Green Grey DotsRed Green Grey DotsRed Green Grey DotsTerracotaTerracotaTerracotaTerracota DotsTerracota DotsTerracota DotsWhite ThyssenWhite ThyssenWhite ThyssenWood 5 dotsWood 5 dotsWood 5 dotsWooden DotsWooden DotsWooden DotsYellowYellowYellowYellow DotsYellow DotsYellow Dots
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The project

terrazzo pieces is a project designed and produced by Juan Ruiz Rivas that seeks to bring the aesthetics of terrazzo floors to everyday objects and tableware.

The process consists of a manual pouring of acrylic resin in its liquid state, mixed with different marble and glass selections, in silicone molds. This action produces a random arrangement of the marble and glass, making each object one of a kind.


Additional information

Weight 450 g
Dimensions 100 × 7 mm

Black, Black dots, Black White Red Dots, Brasscopper, Brick, Brown Green Dots, Clay, Dark Navy, Gold, Green Dots, Green White Grey Dots, Grey, Grey Dots, Pink, Pink Mix, Red Green Grey Dots, Terracota, Terracota Dots, White Thyssen, Wood 5 dots, Wooden Dots, Yellow, Yellow Dots